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Goián 1976. At that time, in a small Galician town on the banks of the Miño, the founder of this house, José Luis Benítez, “Sito” for those who knew him, was an eel fisherman from Goián and sold his catches to the Basque eels area. By then these foreigners, who already appreciated them as an extraordinary delicacy, had settled on the banks of the Miño to take live eels back to their land and market them where they were priced up.

Meanwhile, in the Galician riverside towns, legend has it, they were fed to chickens ...

It is probably nothing more than a legend, but still today it continues to sound and cause astonishment. With this market landscape, in which he had access to a treasure still of unknown value on his own


origin and with the purpose of promoting the economy of the area, Sito decided to create an eel company in Goián.

He had experience, knowledge, great enthusiasm and a great commercial vision ahead of the time.

He did not lack restlessness, effort, pride in his land and an admirable ambition for wanting to make the region a benchmark in the eel sector. In addition, it was proposed to lead the difficult challenge of increasing the perceived value of elvers in the collective to place them in a prestigious position in the market. Little by little, he built a company, a mission and a new business perspective for the people.



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Today, after decades of dedication, improvement and changes, we are still here with the same enthusiasm and affection,

facing new challenges, pending new technologies and fulfilling our commitments to sustainability, responsibility with the environment and conservation of the species. But above all, we are proud to preserve the excellent track record of providing a close service to our customers and serving elvers of the highest quality, every day, forever.






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