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have a romantic dinner? a celebration with friends?

A very special family meal? a business meal?

Whatever the reason, choose elvers and surprise your guests

with a delicacy out of the ordinary.


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  • 1-Elige-angulas-rio-mino

    Choose angulas

    Romantic dinners or with friends..
    Make them special
    and enjoy in company,
    of a delicacy out of the ordinary.
  • 2-a fuego lento-angulas-rio mino

    To simmer

    Cook them with love,
    unhurried, and always use a
    good virgin olive oil...
    They will be incredible!  
  • 3-Prepara la mesa-angulas-rio-mino

    Prepare the table

    Choose your tablecloth, your dishes
    and your favorite drinks
    than with menu elvers...
    you will love setting the table.
  • 4-De primero-angulas-rio-mino


    Start with elvers
    as a first dish,
    and give it prominence
    what they deserve.
  • 5-Con-un-buen-vino-angulas rio mino

    With a good wine

    Enjoy the perfect fusion
    combining the elvers
    with a good white wine or cava,
    choose your favorite, very cold.
  • 6-Saborea-angulas-rio-mino


    Once the elvers are served
    and still hot, wait no more
    and get ready to taste
    a unique and extraordinary dish.
  • 7-Repite-angulas-rio-mino


    If you lived this experience,
    you will want to repeat elvers
    as a star dish
    at your next celebration.
  • 8-Recomienda-angulas-rio-mino


    Feel free to recommend
    Angulas Río Miño to your friends...
    Maybe next time
    enjoy them as a guest!


Quality elvers, the real ones

From the river, to your table.

Our Miño elvers are caught alive on new moon nights of each natural fishing season and we take care of them in our nurseries keeping them healthy, to preserve all its properties intact , until the moment of its preparation. Once cooked in the traditional way, we select them with care and package them at the moment, so that they arrive to you with all their freshness and excellent quality.




Unmistakable flavor.

Elvers are an exquisite and delicate dish that will add an elegant and exclusive touch to your table, turning your special celebration into an unforgettable evening. Let yourself be surprised by their flavor and enjoy them with a good white wine or with your favorite cava ... you will not be able to stop thinking about them and you will surely want to repeat!


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