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Last minute gifts? A romantic dinner?

Whatever the reason, choose the unique experience box and surprise with an unusual gift


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  • Angulas rio mino pack especial experiencia gourmet angulas rio mino

    Fresh elvers,
    the authentic

    Freshly captured in the Miño
    and cooked at the time of being packaged,
    to keep its very high quality intact
    and an extraordinary flavor
    to match of authentic palates like yours.
  • Angulas rio mino pack especial experiencia gourmet aceite olei

    Oil with character,
    unique variety

    Prepare your fresh eels from Miño
    with Olei extra virgin olive oil
    of superior quality, made with the
    variety of native Galician olive,
    that enhances the flavor of the elvers.
  • Angulas rio mino pack especial experiencia gourmet vino gaudila

    Author wine,
    handmade of origin

    Taste your elvers with the magnificent
    Signature wine of limited production
    Gaudila About Rías D.O. Rías Baixas.
    100% Albariño, and discover a fusion
    unforgettable flavors.

How to acquire it?

Unique experience box price


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