Foto angulas cocidas

Quality elvers, the authentic

From the river to your table.

Our elvers from Miño river are caught alive on the new moon nights of each natural fishing season and we take care of them in our nurseries keeping them healthy, to preserve all their properties intact, until the moment of preparation. Once cooked in a traditional way, we select them with care and pack them at the moment, so that they reach you with all their freshness and excellent quality.

Foto-cocina angulas-rio-mino al ajillo

Angulas, a delight that will not leave you indifferent

Unmistakable taste

Elvers are an exquisite and delicate dish that will add an elegant and exclusive touch to your table, turning your special celebration into an unforgettable evening. Let yourself be surprised by their flavor and enjoy them with a good white wine or with your favorite cava ... you will not be able to stop thinking about them and you will surely want to repeat!