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An exclusive 100% Galician delicacy

Fresh Angulas Río Miño, hand-caught on new moon nights · 250g
Extra virgin olive oil 'Olei', native Galician brava variety · 50ml & nbsp ;
Albariño Wine 'Gaudila Sobre Lías' DO Rías Baixas, made with 100% Albariño grape · 75cl & nbsp;
Conservation: & nbsp; Keep in the refrigerator between 0º C and 5º C.


Take the tray of ‘ Rio Miño Angulas ’ from the refrigerator half an hour before preparation. Peel the garlic clove and cut it into slices. In a casserole with a good jet of virgin olive oil be ‘ Olei ’ and brown the slices of garlic and chilli. Add the elvers before the garlic is completely browned and sauté over high heat for a minute while stirring. Take them off the heat, serve them hot in a clay pot and savor this unique dish with the Albariño wine ‘ Gaudila Sobre Lías’.

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